Minimum level 4 ECD qualification.



  • Keep files with weekly lessons up to date
  • Keep personal learning up to date
  • Do planning on time:
    • For the year (Annual)
    • For term (quarterly)
    • For the week (Weekly )
  • Weekly baking and brewing
  • Excursions / visits
  • Do daily preparation
  • Keep registration up to date at all times
  • Do daily assessment
  • Monitor the learners daily and determine if they are up to standard according to their age
  • Monitor absences and notify principal if problems are detected
  • Must be available to parents for inspection
  • Is aligned with learning outcomes per week, term and for the year
  • Be available to parents
  • Planning must reflect various assessment and learning outcomes
  • Prepare quarterly reports for each learner and send to parents
  • School fees per learner
  • Keep track of payments
  • Inform principal of any overdue fees
  • Send parents receipts of payment
  • Communicate with parents regarding overdue fees
  • Keep learners’ information files up to date.
  • Forms to be completed
  • Entry form
  • Indemnity form
  • Medical report
  • Incident reports
  • Older maintenance reports
  • Use aids to make lessons interesting
  • Keep the stock register up to date
  • In the event that a learner is injured at school or on an excursion:
  • Draw up an accident report
  • Inform parents of learner’s injury and what treatments learner/s underwent.
  • Maintain good discipline but always be friendly and must support learners at all times


  • The classroom must be kept neat and safe as a stimulating environment, including:
    • Wall decorations should compliment the leather atmosphere.
    • Relevant
    • Neat and ordered with names of things on the wall
    • Class rules must be understandable for learners
    • Classroom procedure be clearly visible
    • Weekly planning
    • Names of learners and birthdays
    • Weather map
    • Responsibilities of learners
    • Exhibition of good work from learners
    • Theme for the week with story, version, songs and examples
    • Information for parents
    • Hygiene
    • The organization of classroom
    • Outline of the tables and chairs
    • Device ordered and clearly labeled
    • Fantasy corner
    • Reading corner
    • Group work divisions
    • Washbasin
    • Learners’ washcloths and cups clearly with names of learners. Easily accessible to learners
    • Learners must experience the environment as positive which will encourage them to want to achieve


  • Attend training and workshops arranged by employer
  • Keep records of all training done
  • Work according to prescribed curriculum


  • Keep record of all inventory and complete record annually
  • Keep record up to date – add new stock
  • Keep stock in good order


  • Supervise during offside play
  • Activities prepared for movements and outside activity
  • Make sure the playgrounds are safe for the learners


Help organize:

  • Concerts
  • Excursions
  • Parent/teacher meeting
  • Sports days
  • Attend meetings and file the minutes
  • Any duties assigned by the principal of your school to improve the teaching of the learners
  • Any additional duties assigned to you by the management of Hermanus Child and Family Services in the interest of the organization.


To apply for this post, please download and complete the HCFS application form, available as an MSWord document or PDF document, and send it to info@hcfs.org.za.