1. To coordinate the care and development of children in our Cluster Foster Scheme.
  2. To coordinate the administration related to the compliance of our Cluster Foster Scheme.
  3. To deliver appropriate early intervention services and support to foster families with children who have been placed in their care, providing access to social services.
  4. To ensure that services are integrated and available to families who are considered to be vulnerable and/or at risk.

Reports to:

Social Worker Supervisor and Cluster foster scheme manager (partner organisation).

Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. To work with vulnerable and/or at risk families in the HCFS office and other settings, including their home, to provide advice/support and practical help that will develop resilience.
  2. To work with families to identify needs and facilitate the families’ access to appropriate support/services. Where necessary, to accompany families to enable access to appropriate support/services.
  3. To promote good relationships between carer/parent and child – supporting parent/carers’ interaction with children.
  4. To determine the needs in conjunction with social workers and facilitate the development of children in our Cluster Foster Scheme.
  5. To maintain effective records of interviews and conversations, as well as submission of mandatory monthly reports.
  6. To keep records and files of all children in our care up to date.
  7. Attend team meetings and training as required,
  8. To ensure the safety and protection of children in their families, as outlined in the Children’s Act, 2010
  9. To be knowledgeable of the Children’s Act, 2010


  1. A Further Education and Training Certificate (FETC) in Social Auxiliary Work.
  2. Minimum of two to three years’ relevant experience post qualification.
  3. Registration with the South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP).
  4. Be in possession of a valid driver’s License.
  5. Valid Police Clearance Certificate (renewable every 3 years).


  1. Strong interpersonal ability.
  2. Ability to communicate effectively and clearly.
  3. Excellent report writing and administrative abilities.
  4. Good command of English. The ability to speak Afrikaans and Xhosa in addition, will be an advantage.
  5. Ability to express him/herself accurately and eloquently.
  6. Computer literacy.


To apply for this post, please download and complete the HCFS application form, available as an MSWord document or PDF document, and send it to